Keen’s Traditional Cheddar £3.29

Abbey Farm Appleby‘s Cheshire £3.29

Leics Handmade Cheese Co. Sparkenhoe Red Leicester £3.29

Quicke’s Mature Clothbound Cheddar £2.99

Quicke’s Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar £2.99

Quicke’s Devonshire Red £2.99

Curds & Croust Truffler Cornish Truffle Brie £2.49

Curds & Croust Miss Wenna Cornish Brie £2.49

Curds & Croust Boy Latiy Cornish Camembert £2.49

Shepherds Purse Yorkshire Blue £1.99

Shepherds Purse Harrogate Blue £1.99

Artisan Farm Muldoons Picnic Crumbly Lancashire £1.99

Belton Farm White Fox Aged White Leicester £1.99

Lye Cross Farm Vintage Cheddar £2.99

Deluxe Wensleydale with Cranberries and Blueberries Waxed Truckle £1.49

Deluxe White Stilton® with Golden Raisins, Champagne and Orange Waxed Truckle £1.49

Deluxe Mature Cheddar with Chive and Onion Waxed Truckle £1.49

Deluxe Baking Camembert assorted (Cranberry/ Caramelised Red Onion) £2.99

Val De Weiss French Soft Cheese with Fleur de Bière®Brandy £1.79

Laiterie De La Montagne Tomme de Montagne £2.19

Belton Farm Caerphilly £1.99

Loxley Blue Shropshire £1.99

Boursin Garlic & Herbs £1.49


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