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Charlie Webster: 'They don't know if my kidneys will last' 5 Live host on ‘upsetting’ news

Charlie Webster, 36, opened up about her health fears after suffering a near-fatal experience with malaria three years ago. The BBC Radio 5 Live presenter addressed her recovery progression in a candid interview with Express.co.uk. Revealing how the disease has impacted her internal organs, Charlie explained: “The one thing I’ve got as a long-term thing is I’ll always have a kidney problem.” The former Sky Sports host admitted doctors are currently unsure about whether her kidneys will continue working.

She added: “I have to keep an eye on it and see a consultant for the rest of my life, because they don’t know if my kidneys will last and that really upset me.”

In spite of the frightening diagnosis, Charlie insisted she is trying to avoid “constantly worrying” about it.

The star continued: “But now I feel alright so let’s just live now. If I constantly worry about it then I’ll miss my life right now. 

“I’m so lucky, they didn’t think I was going to survive. Kidney problems are really common but we don’t talk about it much.”

Charlie said she is currently regulating her blood pressure and making dietary changes due to her kidney issues.

The TV and radio personality divulged: “I don’t have kidney disease, mine was just injury from illness but it’s the same thing I’ve got to do, so I have to regulate my blood pressure. 

“I eat lots of berries because they’re good for kidneys and they’re anti-inflammatories. I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I drink loads of water.”

Charlie was diagnosed with malaria back in 2016 after spending two weeks in a coma.

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She was told by doctors she was dying after contracting the mosquito-borne disease, while also suffering from other diseases including pneumonia.

Reflecting on when she began to feel unwell during a work trip to Rio, the campaigner said: “I started not feeling well and pushed and pushed and I could hardly stand up. 

“I was even bleeding through my bum and going to the toilet all the time. 

“I was desperately trying to blank it out because I was in a foreign country and I was like, ‘This is not the place to be ill and I’m meant to be working.’”

Due to her focus on a healthy lifestyle, Charlie is promoting Muhdo Health’s DNA profile test which tracks internal health based on genetics.

Speaking about the results she received from her testing kit, the broadcaster explained: “I found that with mine there were things I wouldn’t have known. 

“I had a slightly impaired fat metabolism and that was a warning that I need to be careful with saturated fats. 

“I have a good diet anyway because of illness but the fact that my gene is slightly impaired in that way is if I eat dairy or fast food, it could cause me a lot of health problems down the line.

“It made me be more aware because I do have a lot of dairy. To be able to adjust your diet to your genetic profile is kind of mad.”

Muhdo Health’s DNA Profiling Kits are available online at https://muhdo.com/new-shop/ use the code Charlie20 for 20% off.


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