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Charley Webb: 'Nearly cried' Emmerdale's Debbie Dingle close to tears after home discovery

Charley Webb, 32, posted a photo of a daddy long legs spider that she discovered last night while in her home. The actress posted an up-close photo of the eight-legged creature – a pholcidae, a type of araneomorph spider – and noted how she was nearly crying over the experience.

She wrote: “Last night. Honestly, nearly cried,” alongside an image of the creepy crawly behind her sofa.

The Emmerdale star was heard saying: “I’m not even joking, I’ve been sat on the sofa for two hours…sat behind me.”

Recently the star further stressed her hatred for spiders on Twitter, after one ran across the floor.

Charley typed: “The BIGGEST spider has just ran across the room and we can’t find it anywhere. 

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Charley revealed that although her sons were not returning for another two weeks yet, she was feeling “nervous”.

On her Instagram story, she said: “My whole feed is filled with kids going back to school.

 “Mine aren’t going back anywhere near yet.

“I think Buster’s got another week and a bit, and Bowie’s got two weeks until his first day.


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