Charley Webb, 31, has revealed she feels “anxious” when leaving her three children Buster, nine, Bowie, four, and Ace, who she welcomed with husband Matthew Wolfenden last year. The Emmerdale star admitted she “can’t switch off” her concerns about her young family in a candid interview alongside Matthew with OK! Magazine.

Her worries were even on her mind when discussing plans to celebrate her and Matthew’s second wedding anniversary.

The actor, who plays David Metcalfe in the ITV soap, suggested the couple should take some time to relax together in a spa and “just sleep”.

He divulged: “There is a beautiful spa near Harrogate, so I’d like us to have a night there.

“It would be lovely to have a massage, get something to eat and just sleep.”

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However, Charley explained she wouldn’t be able to go along with the sleeping part of the romantic trip.

She told the publication: “I don’t sleep when I’m away from the kids.

“I constantly check my phone in the middle of the night in case something has happened, I’m always in panic mode.”

When quizzed on what she’s worrying about, the actress admitted: “I just think the more kids you have the harder it is to leave them.


The mum-of-three explained: “Last night was absolutely horrific on the children front in terms of sleep.

“Bowie woke up at one o’clock in the morning and didn’t want to go back to sleep at all, he went back to sleep at half six.”

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She added: “Ace, the same thing that’s been happening is the problem with his dummy so he goes to sleep fine and then he relies on his dummy to get him back to sleep.

“So every time it falls out he moans for it to go back, so it’s the broken sleep continuously all night and I am exhausted.”

The actress went on to reveal she and Matthew are planning on “getting help” to resolve the situation.

She continued: “We are definitely getting help in because we need some plan to get rid of this.

“I don’t necessarily want to get rid of the dummy because I do love the fact that they’ve got that little bit of comfort.

“All three of mine have had dummies, whatever you think about dummies, but yeah.”

Read the full interview in this week’s OK! Magazine – out now.



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