Celtic hero Chris Sutton blasts Hoops fans in regret warning Rangers supporters will love

Celtic secured an eighth-consecutive league title earlier this month, but a 2-0 defeat to Rangers last weekend has left some fans wanting caretaker manager Neil Lennon out.

Whilst Sutton believes that Rangers’ fans have overacted to the result, he believes that Celtic fans should not take their recent dominance in Scotland for granted – which will be music to the ears of Gers supporters.

“Rangers fans could well one day look back in embarrassment at their over-reaction to winning a couple of games,” Sutton told the Daily Record.

“But Celtic supporters could also end up regretting not savouring success, because nothing in football lasts forever.

“To me, it seems like some are bored of winning.

“Of course it’s disappointing to lose an Old Firm game but they should be enjoying these times for goodness sake.

“The way some of them have reacted, you’d think Celtic chucked away the league last week.

“It looks like there is a section who are hell-bent on making sure Lennon doesn’t get the job and it’s casting a shadow over everything.”

Despite Lennon being on the brink of securing a domestic treble at Parkhead, the club are yet to offer the Northern Irishman a permanent deal, with several big name managers linked to the role.

Sutton, taking a swipe at Celtic fans who ‘lack respect’, continued: “Look, it’s fine not fancying him [Lennon] for the position.

“If a Rafa Benitez or Jose Mourinho comes in, however unlikely it is, then fair enough.

“It would be a slap in the face after completing a clean sweep in the circumstances but even Lennon would probably accept it.

“But not wanting him to get the job on a permanent basis is one thing – the lack of respect he’s being shown from some is another.

“Lennon is copping the flak for a stuttering end to the season but these people need to open their eyes.

“This hasn’t just happened in recent months – the rot had set in more than a year ago.

“Lennon’s remit was to get the club over the line in the league and he has done that. He’s got them to the Cup Final as well with the Treble in sight.

“It’s gratitude he deserves from Celtic fans rather than criticism.”


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