Celebrating Holiday Horror with ‘Into the Dark’ Director Charles Hood


Tis the season for holiday horror and Hulu’s Into the Dark has you covered for Christmas, New Year’s, and almost every other major holiday for that matter. Just in case you’re not caught up, Into the Dark is Hulu and Blumhouse Television’s horror event series where they release a brand new holiday-themed feature-length installment every month. The one you’ve got to watch for Christmas? Charles Hood‘s “A Nasty Piece of Work.”

The episode stars Kyle Howard as Ted, a guy working for a major corporation who was just denied the promotion he thought he was getting, and also his Christmas bonus. However, an opportunity presents itself in the form of an invitation to a dinner at his boss’s (Julian Sands) house. Turns out, he wants to give Ted a shot at rising in the ranks after all. The only thing Ted has to do? Take down his rival (Dustin Milligan) in a violent competition.


Image via Hulu

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Hood’s work ever since his very first feature film premiered at SXSW 2015. Not only is Night Owls a great watch, but I also had a delightful conversation at the festival with Hood and his two stars, Rosa Salazar and Adam Pally, that still to this day is a SXSW favorite. (You can watch it here if you’d like!) Hood has been keeping busy since the release of Night Owls but “A Nasty Piece of Work” marks a very exciting opportunity for the director who deserves to see his work ushered into the world with some fanfare, as is happening here!

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Hood was kind enough to swing by the Collider studio recently for a brief catch-up session. We discussed the journey from Night Owls to “A Nasty Piece of Work,” the status of the projects he was working on between those two films, what it was like for him jumping aboard the speeding train that is Hulu’s Into the Dark, the appeal of holiday horror, and so much more! You can give it all a listen for yourself using the podcast embed below:

If you’re looking for even more Into the Dark content, click here to check out a very special episode of The Witching Hour with Erlingur Thoroddsen and Carter Smith, the writer and director behind the upcoming New Year’s Eve episode, “Midnight Kiss.”


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