CBD Is Becoming the Supplement of Choice for Athletes: 10 Athletes Who Use CBD

CBD Is Becoming the Supplement of Choice for Athletes: 10 Athletes Who Use CBD

Professional athletes can experience a number of pains which leads to setbacks in their careers, such as joint paint, inflammation, muscle soreness and cramps. One supplement some athletes use to relieve pain is CBD.

Many are still very confused about the laws around CBD and whether it is allowed in sports. But luckily, this article will clear up any confusion you might have and we’ll look at some of the most talented athletes that endorse the use of CBD.

Is CBD Legal and Can it Be Used in Sports?

CBD is mostly legal worldwide, however, in some countries and regions it is illegal. In the UK, CBD is completely legal, as long as it has been derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved or comes from outside the EU. The CBD oil must not contain THC, which is the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high.

Initially, CBD was banned by sporting bodies. However, as more studies were conducted on the positive effects of CBD and more was understood about cannabidiol, restrictions were lifted in 2017 by the World Anti-Doping Agency. So, yes CBD can be used in sports and competitions. 

Positive effects of CBD include pain relief, decreased stress and anxiety levels, improved sleep, and better weight management. Other advantages of CBD are that it’s not addictive and that it’s suitable for long-term use.

Which Athletes Use CBD?

Across a whole range of sports, there are athletes who take and endorse CBD. For example, athletes who play golf, rugby, American football, and who fight in MMA all take CBD. These athletes all have different reasons for taking them, such as to calm their nerves or to help speed up and minimise the damage that injuries cause to their bodies.

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Golf Stars

The likes of golfing legends Lucas Glover, Charley Hoffman, and Bubba Watson all use CBD. When asked about why Lucas Glover used CBD he disclosed that it helped to calm his nerves before big golfing tournaments.

Rugby Stars

Heavy contact sports such as rugby and American football result in a lot of injuries. Two rugby athletes who publicly use and endorse the use of CBD in sport are Welsh Rugby Union player, Dominic Day and Panasonic Wild Knights Rugby Union player, George Kruis. Day and Kruis revealed in an interview with the BBC that CBD helps to put their bodies back together and helps them manage their chronic pain and sleep better.

MMA Stars

Similar to Rugby, Mixed Martial Arts athletes put their body through a lot of strain and experience pain throughout their career. That’s why UFC fighter, Nate Diaz, and his brother, Nick Diaz, both endorse the use of CBD and openly use it during training and competitions.

NFL Stars

CBD is also popular across the pond, with both former and current NFL stars such as Terrell Davis, Dave Ahrens, and Rob Gronkowski all admitting that they use CBD and find it helps them relieve pain.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur, it’s very clear that CBD can help improve your body and your game. Try reaping the benefits of Nordic CBD Oils and improve your sporting performances now.

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