Cat with a droopy ear and a twitchy face needs a new home after his owner died suddenly

‘It’s most likely he’s had some kind of injury’ (Picture: Cat’s Protection)

A special kitty with a drooping ear and facial tics is looking for a new home.

Three-year-old Toby is likely to have suffered an injury or infection in the past, leaving him with facial twitching and an unusual sagging ear.

He was taken in by Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, and staff at the centre in Chelwood Gate, say the lovable tabby seems otherwise happy and healthy, but needs an owner who will closely monitor his condition.

‘He should be able to lead a happy and normal life’ (Picture: Cat’s Protection)

‘Toby came to us after his previous owner died suddenly, so we do not know much about his history other than he was a much-loved pet,’ says Danielle Draper, Manager of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre.

‘It’s most likely he’s had some kind of injury – perhaps when he was a kitten or in a road accident – but he may also have had an infection which has affected him neurologically.

‘He has frequent facial twitches and one of his ears hangs down the side of his face. Neither seems to bother him, and he is a very happy and friendly little chap.’

Danielle says that they don’t know much at all about his background, so it will be important for his new owner to closely monitor him for any sign of change in his condition.

‘But from what we can tell, he should be able to lead a happy and normal life.’

‘He has frequent facial twitches and one of his ears hangs down the side of his face’ (Picture: Cat’s Protection)

Danielle added that the centre frequently takes in cats with disabilities or health conditions which they mean they may need particular types of home.

‘We often have cats for re-homing who may be blind or deaf, or have medical conditions like diabetes,’ she says. ‘Often these cats can lead normal lives but may need a specific type of home, like an indoor-only environment.’

‘It can be hard to find owners to take on cats with disabilities, so we’d love to hear from anyone who would consider giving a very special cat a second chance in life.’

During his time with Cats Protection, Toby has been looked after by Cat Care Assistants, whose roles this year have been funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

To find out more about offering a home to any of the cats currently available for re-homing at the centre, you can email

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