Cat rescue shelter inadvertently selling ‘bottle’ that’s actually a massive bong

We’re sure they’ll find a buyer (Picture: Feral Cat Rescue Shelburne)

The internet isn’t always a wholesome place, but today it very much is, as a cat shelter is auctioning off a ‘bottle’ that’s actually a big, giant bong.

The purity of Canadian cat-lovers has truly melted all our hearts, with shelter volunteers from the Feral Cat Rescue Shelburne proudly sharing their new donation to their Facebook followers.

In a recent post, which was then shared on various cat groups online, the Ontario-based shelter said: ‘This Stunning Cat Bottle was donated to the Rescue by Mike Vandenberg and has a retail Value of $225.00.

‘We are asking 175.00 and it comes with box and bag and all items shown. 100% of the proceeds go to the Feral Cat Rescue Heat Pumps so the cats can keep warm in the shelter this winter.

‘Please message in the comments below if you are interested or call 519 278 0707 to view the bottle. It is a true work of art. Thanks so much Mike! Thanks to everyone for your continued support!’

Thanks so much Mark (Picture: Feral Cat Rescue Shelburne)

The cat bottle, which is branded with ‘Cheech Glass’ features rainbow colouring and gorgeous feline themed details.

It also can’t be denied that it was very kind of Mike to donate such a nice cat bottle, although he perhaps should have explained that he was handing over drug paraphernalia rather than a beautiful carafe.

Commenters seem to have seen the funny side, with people tagging their friends and saying how lovely the bottle is. One said: ‘Bottle? Never heard a bong called a bottle before, but it is indeed a work of art.’

The adorably naive post was then shared on groups such as the cool fun cat group, with the laugh reacts pouring in, and one user saying ‘The innocence is sweet and hilarious at the same time, and it’s a very cool cat ‘bottle’ haha’.

Who knows, this might be the best bit of publicity the shelter will get, and we hope they raise the money they need. Just don’t drink any water that comes from this bottle, though.

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