Cat obsessed with blueberry muffins keeps trying to steal them from cafe diners

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Cat lovers will know that when they decide they want a bit of your food, they’ll do whatever they can to get it.

Usually, though, we’re safe as long as we’re not snacking on a nice bit of salmon or some bacon.

That’s not the case at Catnap Cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, where customers are warned against ordering blueberry muffins to go with their coffees.

This is because one cat, named Yuzu, will stop at nothing to get hold of this particular treat.

One video shows Yuzu clambering all over a customer named Richard Parkin, 47, who dared to order the cat’s preferred baked good.

‘When we arrived I was told that if I was having a blueberry muffin I needed to be careful,’ said Richard.

‘I was told that this cat really loves blueberry muffins.’

That warning didn’t prepare Richard for just how persistent Yuzu would be.

Sorry, is that a blueberry muffin? (Picture: Gabriella Parkin / SWNS)

Turns out the cat really, really love muffins.

‘We weren’t quite expecting him to be so focused,’ Richard added.

‘He was laser focused on getting that muffin.

‘It was like it was cat heroin.’

MINE (Picture: Gabriella Parkin / SWNS)

He doesn’t hold it against Yuzu, though, and the cat’s ferociousness actually made Richard like him more.

‘He had claws like needles,’ Richard said.

‘We’ve had cats our whole lives, but we’ve never seen a cat be so aggressive.

‘He was such a naughty cat, I thought he was just terrific.

‘If I could have, I would have taken him home with me. He was great.’

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