Lady In A Fur Coat was adopted immediately after getting her new ears (Picture: Dane County Humane Society /SWNS)

When Lady In A Fur Coat – or Lady, for short – had to have her ears removed, staff at the shelter decided to make her some new ones.

Now Lady has her very own, very snazzy, crocheted purple ears to wear whenever she fancies.

The stray cat was brought into the Dane County Humane Society, in Wisconsin, back in December, and quickly had to undergo multiple treatments for chronic ear infections and haematomas – painful blood blisters that form inside the ear when a vessel bursts.

Lady was in a lot of pain, so vets knew the best course of action was to remove the outer parts of Lady’s ears.

Shelter staff member Ash crocheted Lady a set of ears (Picture: Dane County Humane Society /SWNS)

The surgery left Lady looking a little unusual, which shelter staff worried would be a deterrent for potential adopters.

So the obvious solution emerged: give Lady some new ears so she could regain her confidence and find a loving home.

Ash Collins, who works at the shelter, crocheted Lady’s ear bonnet herself, then convinced the cat to wear her new set with the help of some treats.

The stylish pair of ears worked a treat – just a day after the shelter posted a photo of Lady on Facebook with her new accessory, she was adopted.

Lady is now happy, healthy, and loving life in her new home. She loves cuddles and giving head boops to everyone she meets.

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