Archer the dog and Niqo the cat are the best of friends (Picture: SWNS)

Meet Archer and Nico, a pair of best friends who show that our differences don’t have to separate us.

Archer is a husky his owner Ben Murray, 30, bought as a puppy in 2012 after seeing a photo of him and falling in love.

Ben said: ‘It was quite a reckless and impulsive decision. I immediately contacted the breeder without meeting him and had him [Archer] delivered a couple of weeks later”

‘I can trust him off the lead (most of the time). He’s very loyal, very stubborn and very loving.’

Niqo is a tabby cat from Toronto, Canada.

The pair love to go on walks together (Picture: SWNS)
So far they’ve explored London, Taunton, and Bristol by each other’s side (Picture: SWNS)

When Ben adopted the kitty, he couldn’t have predicted Archer and Niqo would form such a strong bond.

From the day the dog and cat met, they were best friends. Niqo loves to cuddle up with Archer and now even joins the dog for walks.

Ben has started capturing photos of the pair’s unaided walks to share on Instagram, so everyone can join the pals on their everyday adventures.

Ben never expected the pals to get on so well (Picture: SWNS)
But it was love at first sight (Picture: SWNS)
Ben now documents their everyday explorations on Instagram (Picture: SWNS)

The best friends have already explored Bristol, where they live, as well as London and Taunton.

‘We had to bring Archer to the vet and Niqo came straight up to him to say hi,’ said Ben. ‘They’re both really confident.

‘Niqo is very affectionate and he loves to cuddle. I had always wanted a cat, and I though they should grow up together.

The pair also love to cuddle (Picture: SWNS)
Cute, right? (Picture: SWNS)
Ben hopes to turn their friendship into a book (Picture: SWNS)
But until then, Nico and Archer will keep on venturing the streets together (Picture: SWNS)

‘It was a year or so of walking when I decided to finally learn how to use my camera so I could document their adventures better.

‘At first it was a ploy to get pet food, but I got really into photography. I much prefer to capture them in natural moments. I really enjoy it as a creative outlet.

‘It has just been a hobby. Eventually I’d like to make a photo book and sell prints.’

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