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Carol Kirkwood: 'Presenters do ALL the work’ BBC Breakfast presenter mocks colleague

Carol Kirkwood ventured out to Brighton with her BBC Breakfast team yesterday to film her weather segment for the morning programme. During a break from filming, her producer enjoyed a snack and a warm beverage, with the 56-year-old sharing a picture of her on Twitter with her 153,000 followers. In the photo, the producer is seen sitting on the pebbled beach with a cereal bar in one hand and a mug in the other. Also, the woman was wrapped head-to-head in winter clothing, including a whooly hat, scarf and bummer jacket.

Making fun of the producer’s relaxed nature while on work duties, Carol captioned the image: “This is what the producers do whilst the presenters do ALL the work!”

However, she quickly clarified that she was only joking, with her adding: “Just kidding! @bbcbreakfastdog xxx GILLY!”

Fans of the star wasted no time in commenting on the picture, with one even asking how they could become a producer.

The individual quipped: “Can I be a producer? It looks fun and I like sandwiches.”

Another person jested: “She’s got her hands full,” as a third shared: “Geez she’s got a bag full of food there, nice day to just chill. Way to go girl.”

Someone else gushed: “Carol, as a multi-award-winning presenter and consummate professional… why do you even need a producer?”

Carol, who regularly shares stories about her team on social media, recently revealed one of her colleagues offered her gaffer tape to tie her hair back.

The veteran presenter was left gobsmacked when an engineer suggested she use the household staple as a hair accessory while filming her weather segment on April 15.

She admitted she was stunned when engineer, Stuart, presented her with the gaffer tape as it was a “very windy” day and her “hair was blowing all over the place”.

Recalling the unusual moment, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant said: “Very windy on the roof this morning.

“Hair blowing all over the place…. Stuart our lovely engineer has found some gaffer tape which he has offered to tie my hair down with…. WHAT?”

Commenting on the post, a fan of the star responded: “I see the gaffer tape didn’t work then Carol,” to which the meteorologist replied with two laughing face emojis.

Carol first began working at the BBC as a secretary, answering telephone queries, before being offered presenting roles across BBC radio.

In 1990 she married her now-ex-husband, Jimmy Kirkwood and took a break from media before working for cable stations.

She joined BBC Breakfast in 1998 and recently celebrated her 20 years on the show, with a video of her best-bits being shared on social media at the time.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.


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