Carey Mulligan Thinks Oscars Voters Need to Prove They've Seen the Movies

Should Academy members have to prove they’ve seen the movies to vote for the Oscars? Carey Mulligan, who just so happens to be a former Oscar-nominated actress, certainly believes so. Mulligan, who is currently promoting her new movie Promising Young Woman, believes that several female-directed movies that came out last year deserved more recognition at the Oscars. In her mind, there is arguably a flaw in the system as it exists.

Carey Mulligan was recently at the Sundance Film Festival where Promising Young Woman, directed by Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve), had its debut. The movie has earned rave reviews coming out of the festival. During an interview, Mulligan was asked about the Academy Awards and the arguable lack of representation for women in major categories. Mulligan had this to say.

“I don’t think you can watch those films and not think they deserve recognition. I think they need to be watched. I wonder if the system works in terms of getting sent 100 screeners. Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless you can prove you’ve seen every single one. There should be a test. The films that did get left out are indisputably brilliant.. I’m talking about ‘Hustlers,’ ‘Little Women’ and ‘The Farewell.’ I feel like the fact that they are getting made is progress. But it’s all baby steps.”

As it stands, Academy voters are not required to provide any sort of proof that they’ve seen the movies they’re voting for. Members are sent screeners for all competing movies and that can be a lot to handle, especially for people who are quite busy. So, it’s entirely probable that many of the voting members didn’t watch everything they were sent. Is that why Hustlers didn’t make the cut? Is that way The Farewell was left out in the cold?

Director Greta Gerwig’s Little Women did serve as a bright spot, as it earned six Oscars nominations, including Best Picture. However, Gerwig was left out of the Best Director category, which was once again comprised of five men. Awkwafina, meanwhile, won a Golden Globe for her performance in Lulu Wang’s The Farewell, but didn’t score a nomination at the Oscars, with the movie being shut out entirely. Hustlers suffered a similar fate, as many thought Jennifer Lopez was in the running for a nomination for her work in Lorene Scafaria’s blockbuster hit. Emerald Fennell also chimed in, backing up Carey Mulligan’s sentiments.

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“The truth of it is getting sent 100 screeners. The Academy and, I suppose, all of these institutions have members who are incredibly busy. It’s difficult to make sure people have seen everything and necessarily the way humans are, they prioritize things they are comfortable with or they think they’ll like. They’ll go with the established filmmakers.”

Carey Mulligan was previously nominated for an The Academy Awards for her work in An Education. Other 2019 movies directed by women that were viewed as award-worthy include Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart, Marielle Heller’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Alma Har’el’s Honey Boy. Promising Young Woman is set to hit theaters on April 17. This news comes to us via Variety.

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