Cardi B hits back at claims she just makes music for TikTok dances

Cardi B has denied claims that she makes music solely for dance trends on TikTok.

The rapper, who released her new single ‘Up‘ on Friday (February 5), has responded to comments online that suggest she engineers her music to inspire viral dance challenges. A new dance craze for ‘Up’ is currently sweeping social media.

Cardi reacted to one comment, which many including herself appeared to misread as criticism (“there’s a difference between becoming a challenge and forcing a challenge on people, that’s what the people mean”), by saying she’s never instigated any dances.

“I never forced a challenge. I never offer MONEY or prices for no challenge,” the rapper wrote on Twitter yesterday (February 8). “I never even posted hey guys do a challenge for my song. People do it cause they want to sooo miss me wit that shit. I pay ya to show me when I told some1 ‘hey do a challenge for my song’”.

“I didn’t even knew how to the dance that’s why I never did the challenge in the first place. How ya mad that these female rappers songs becoming tiktok challenges because people genuinely wants to dance to it.”

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Elsewhere, she wrote: “Dont try to play me like I just started this sh*t cause of tiktok. My last 4 videos I gave choreography & at award shows as well.”

She later thanked those who support what she does instead of pick holes in her music or marketing campaigns. “Thankful for all my fans, artist, influencer, tiktoker, people that critic music videos and songs, and the GP for showing me love.I ’m extremely happy and satisfied. Ladies that’s in my field keep doing what you doing they going to hate always. Give them a reason too.”

In a write-up of ‘Up’, NME‘s Kyann-Sian Williams said: “We’re now repeatedly seeing women in rap finally take over the genre’s nonchalant tone in greater numbers than before, setting the bar high for their peers, showing a generation of women how to be unapologetically them. Cardi B’s created a new power anthem with this one.”


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