Capcom has two ‘secret’ games to reveal at Jump Festa 2020 in December

Could the Resident Evil 3 remake finally be announced? (Picture: Capcom)

Capcom will be showing off four games in total at its Jump Festa 2020 booth late in December, including at least one unannounced title.

Jump Festa may be more of an anime and manga convention, but it’s no stranger to showing off new trailers and playable demos for highly-anticipated games.

It’s been revealed that Capcom has two unconfirmed titles that it plans to have at its own booth during the event, thanks to some leaks from a Japanese games magazine, as translated by Gematsu.

Recent rumours suggest that Capcom is planning to remake Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, following the critical and financial success of this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, which shipped 4.2 million units worldwide and made the Resident Evil series the company’s best-selling IP ever.

There’s also a possibility that we could see an old IP making a comeback, as Capcom has stated it would like to ‘awaken dormant IPs’. Some popular choices include Dino Crisis, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami. Or maybe this could even be a brand new IP altogether?

There’s always a chance Capcom will show one of their already confirmed titles (Picture: Capcom)

Jump Festa doesn’t seem quite the right venue for a reveal as big as the Resident Evil 3 remake though, so a more likely possibility is perhaps something like Ace Attorney 7, which Capcom confirmed in 2018 and hasn’t been mentioned since or got an official trailer.

But the rule of thumb for any event like this is to assume as little as possible, so the other unconfirmed title is likely to be just something like Resident Evil spin-off, Project Resistance or the Switch port of Devil May Cry 3.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the expansion of the action role-playing game that’s already out on consoles, but won’t be coming to PC until January 2020, is the first of the two confirmed titles.

The second is Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which will contain all six games from across both series, fully remastered and with additional features. This is also due to come out in January.

Jump Festa 2020 will be held 21 December to 22 December in Japan.

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