Cannabis Seeds Regulations: The Catalogue of Genetics that can be Grown in Ireland and Europe

Cannabis Seeds Regulations: The Catalogue of Genetics that can be Grown in Ireland and Europe

Light marijuana, also defined as legal cannabis or CBD, is the product created by the new social conventions, which provides high CBD contents and only 0.2% or almost zero percentage of THC.

You should know that you can legally purchase cannabis seeds online at the best cannabis seeds online shop: SensorySeeds, but you are only allowed to collect them… you are not allowed to grow them into cannabis plants.

What Does the European Law Say About Cannabis Seeds?

The law, which the European regulation implemented, allowed the cultivation and production of particular types of legal marijuana indicated in a list defined as the catalogue of cultivable genetics. 

The species were considered because of their chemical composition, evaluating only those with a content that fell within the percentages established by the regulation. In particular, there are over 70 strains recognized at the European level, and some of these are also sold in the UK. 

A circular from the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies set off which strains are currently usable in the area and which are the cultivation methods and the horticulture rules. According to this circular, cannabis buds are considered legal only if they come from plants that belong to the European list.

The High THC Content, What it Means for Health Purposes

So, what happens to high-THC seeds? It may be essential to understand why there is always a lot of attention to this molecule. THC produces what can be considered psychotropic consequences on the brain, influencing the cognitive abilities of a subject and generating motor difficulties. 

It produces a sedative and relaxing effect in some subjects. In others, it can generate euphoria and even excitement. This is due to its ability to distribute itself evenly in the body’s various organs and therefore influence mood, memory, pleasure, pain, and fear. 

Thanks to its ability to join theCb1 and Cb2 receptors it rapidly penetrates the brain, influencing the standard functionality of the autonomic system. The effect is that “high” feeling that occurs with the intake of this substance, combined with a continuous form of sensory arousal and the perception of overestimated external stimuli. 

THC leads to an actual momentary deficit of mental functions, with concentration problems, memory capacity and physical and psychological performance loss. 

The issue is that THC binds to fat cells, remaining in circulation in the body even after a long time from its intake, forcing those who use it to increase their levels to obtain the required sensation, generating a real addiction. For this reason, European regulations place a well-defined limit below 0.2% on the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana plants.

So, why is it possible to legally buy high THC seeds online if you open the internet?

The Legal Status of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Cultivation

The UN drug control treaties and EU legislation limit the action of the governments of its member states concerning cannabis policies. Despite this, since the late 1960s, a certain tolerance toward cannabis has increased in Europe. In many countries, a legal distinction is made between “hard drugs” and “soft drugs”, including marijuana and its derivatives.

The days when the Netherlands was a stoner’s paradise are gone. Then, the phenomenon of coffee shops was something very peculiar and exclusive, which could only be known if you travelled to the country of tulips. In recent years, all this has changed: we witnessed the legalization of CBD and “cannabis light” in several countries of the old continent, as well as the production, marketing and use of medicinal and industrial cannabis (the latter traditionally known as hemp, with a THC content equal to or less than 0.2%) in Europe.

Cultivation and consumption for personal use are decriminalized in many countries and enjoy a certain permissiveness from authorities and judges.

Growing High-THC Seeds: Is it Possible?

The problem is that flowering determines the legalization of a plant, as if you germinate and grow a seed high in THC, it will produce an illegal cannabis bud. Therefore, it is essential to understand this aspect. 

Seeds high in THC, to be legal, must belong to one of those strains included in the list of genetics that can be grown at the community level. If they don’t respect these parameters, the sale and production of any flower or plant will be considered illegal, and consequently, they will be destroyed.

On the other hand, another problem arises and concerns the possibility of their purchase. In this case, the operation is legal. Still, it will not be possible to use them and complete the plant’s life cycle since their flowering, containing a percentage of THC even 20 or 30%, would result in marijuana with values outside the limits imposed by law. 

However, it will be possible to collect them, as the many cannabis seeds you can legally find and order online at the best specialized stores.

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