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Candice Brown details ‘battle’ against clinical depression and PTSD

Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown has described suffering with clinical depression, chronic phobia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a “real battle” in a new interview about mental health. 

The TV personality, who won the competition in 2016, said baking and group therapy has helped her, adding that she also takes medication. 

Speaking on the Open Mind podcast, she told ex The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge that while she was initially “reluctant” to accept the prescription, she has been taking “various” drugs for five years.

The 34-year-old explained: “I suffer with clinical depression, chronic phobia and PTSD.


“It’s hard and people don’t realise, it’s a real battle. People might be like, ‘Oh she’s jumping on the bandwagon,’ but they’ve got no idea what has been going on in my brain for the past five or six years.

“It’s been s**t, sometimes I get angry and it’s probably going to be with me forever. When it got really bad, baking was what I would do.

“I’m on medication, I have been for five years, various different ones.”

The famous baker admitted she was initially angry that she would have to “rely” on medication, but now accepts she has a “chemical imbalance.”

“Group therapy taught me that bouts of depression will probably be a reoccurring thing,” she said. “It p****d me off that I would have to rely on things. Now I know it’s not my fault.” 

The former PE teacher added that she has struggled to go to work on particularly difficult days and said she has experienced “not very nice thoughts of how I could get out of it.”

She said: “At its worse I was being dragged out of bed by my feet and the duvet being shut in the bathroom, so there was nothing on the bed, so I had to get up. Those were the really bad days.”

After winning Bake Off, Brown appeared on the 2018 series of Dancing On Ice and was partnered up with professional skater Matt Evers.

In January, Brown returned to the Bake Off tent for a New Year’s special but missed out on being crowned star baker, as series 8 runner up Steven Carter-Bailey triumphed.


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