Can you play Apex Legends without PS Plus and is it cross-platform?


Apex Legends has been one of the early hits of 2019, with the game gaining over 50 million players after just a month.

It was initially launched by EA and Respawn at the start of February and is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Battle Royale game also uses elements from other games, particularly the Titanfall series that Respawn also developed.

Players drop onto an island in squads of three and then search for weapons and other items to help them survive and eliminate their opponents.

The growth of the game emulates a lot of the early success of Fortnite, and it seems to be reaching early milestones faster than the Epic Games release did back in 2017.

Like Fortnite the game is free-to-play but as all the gameplay takes place online, do you need a PS Plus subscription to play it?

Can you play Apex Legends without PS Plus?

The good news is that you don’t need a PS Plus subscription if you want to play Apex Legends on your PS4, and the same goes for Xbox Gold on the Xbox One.

Much like Fortnite, the game can be played completely for free without any need for a subscription on your console.

However, if you do have a PSPlus subscription and are playing Apex Legends already, you can get a free PlayStation Plus Play Pack from the PlayStation store which includes 6 exclusive items to use in the game.

The pack includes 2 exclusive PS themed weapon camo for the flatline and RE45, as well as a character camo and a banner for Gibraltar and Bloodhound.


Is Apex Legends cross-platform?

Apex Legends is not cross-platform at the moment, which means that currently you can only play with people are using the same platform as you.

However, Respawn has suggested that cross-platform is a part of their plans, although there is no set date of when that will be.

Fortnite became a crossplay game last year and this even included the PS4 once Sony gave in to requests from fans in September.

The crossplay feature on Fortnite means that players can compete with their friends no matter what platform they are playing on.

Despite crossplay being part of Respawns plans, it has said that cross-progression won’t be possible ‘due to the way systems were set up early on’.

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