Can you lose weight without counting calories?

Weight loss is quite simple when you think about it, you just need to burn more calories than you eat.

You don’t need to exercise to burn calories, your body burns calories to do basic day-to-day activities and functions.

Signe explained: “Your body constantly needs energy for basic bodily functions such as breathing – and for the heart, brain, lungs and tissues.

“The amount of energy needed to do these basic functions is called Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), and the amount is depending on variables, including sex, age, weight and height.

“In addition to the BMR, you also burn energy doing your daily tasks such as working, walking and exercising. All of these burn energy too.

“If you eat as much energy as your body burns, you will maintain weight. If you eat more energy than your body burns for a period of time, you will gain weight – and, likewise, if you eat less energy than your body burns, you will lose weight.”


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