Can pouring foundation into water give you a flawless finish?

The hack
TikTokers claim that adding foundation to a glass of water will give you the ultimate flawless complexion. Is this the key to a summery glow, or just a bit of a faff?

The test
It’s as simple (or weird) as it sounds: squirt a little liquid foundation into a glass of water. Spoiler alert: it will sink and separate a bit. Then, wielding the wrong end of your foundation brush like a fishing rod, scoop the blob of foundation out with the handle and then apply it to your skin with the brush itself. There are a couple of theories as to why this could work: 1) foundation is diluted by water, and less foundation always looks better than more; and 2) by separating in the water, some of the oil is removed from the foundation, meaning it’s more pigmented and longer-lasting (though perhaps less natural-looking).

The verdict

Did it apply better? In some ways. It appeared more pigmented (for the reasons mentioned above) and it didn’t slide off when applied with water as you might expect. But I like foundation to feel dewy and natural, which the oil helps with, so I wouldn’t do it again. And this process doesn’t need to be quite so convoluted: anything that helps foundation glide on – a wet beauty sponge, for example – will do a similar job. Add a primer to that and your foundation will stay put – and look fresh all day.


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