Can CBD Help Soothe the Pain of Arthritis?

Do you suffer from arthritis? If so, you aren’t alone – far from it. According to the NHS, there are over 10 million people in the UK that have arthritis or another condition that similarly affects their joints.

Arthritis is something that affects every age group. Arthritis can cause a lot of discomfort and pain that prevents you from going about your daily activities. This is exactly why it’s important to find treatments that help to relieve your pain.

If you are in search of relief and want to soothe your pain, it may be worth looking into the benefits of CBD. Let’s take a closer look at how it can help.

Can CBD Help Soothe the Pain of Arthritis?

What is CBD?

Before we take a look at how CBD can help with arthritis pain, let’s first discuss what CBD is. Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and is a chemical within the plant. The plant itself contains more than 80 different chemicals.

What makes CBD such an interesting ingredient is that only small traces of THC are contained in it, which means you don’t end up with the hallucination effects. However, CBD does still manage to have an impact on the brain, which is where its benefits can be found.

Here in the UK, people can legally purchase CBD as long as the THC is under 0.2%. Also, it needs to be derived from a strain of industrial hemp that has been approved by the government. The store you purchase it from should have UK registration, which will show it is selling legal CBD.

How Does It Help with Arthritis?

So, how exactly does CBD help with the pain of arthritis? CBD is known to have a few beneficial properties; for example, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help to relieve anxiety and stress. It can also help to improve sleep and relieve pain.

You can see how each of these benefits would improve your overall well-being when suffering from arthritis pain. For those with chronic pain, sleep can be a real issue, leading to insomnia. Chronic pain also chips away at your mental health, which can lead to anxiety and stress. Since CBD has the potential to affect each of those symptoms and issues, its overall benefits can be quite extensive.

How Do You Take CBD?

The next logical question is how you can take CBD for your arthritis pain. There are a few different ways to use CBD, all of which can be beneficial. If your pain is localised to a particular area, then a CBD salve for arthritis can be a great option since you can target it directly. If the pain is more widespread, you may want to look at a capsule form of CBD.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

This comes down to the individual product, how it is being administered (topically vs orally), your level of pain and how widespread it is. It’s also a good idea to speak to your doctor so they can recommend the right dosage level for you. They may suggest you start small and then build up as needed.

Should You Be Scared of Side Effects?

Just like with any new product you take or use, it’s always a good idea to inform yourself and learn about any potential side effects. The good news is that there are few side effects with CBD and they tend to be relatively mild. A few common ones are:

  • A change in your appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increased fatigue

Should you experience any of these, it’s best to talk to your doctor and get their advice.

Other Tips to Help Reduce Arthritis Pain

While CBD can certainly have a significant and positive effect on your arthritis pain, it’s usually best to embrace a variety of lifestyle changes. This is how you’ll maximise your results and get more long-term benefits.

Other tips you can use to help soothe the pain of arthritis include:

  • Keeping physically active, even if it’s just light activity and stretches
  • Eating foods that can help combat pain and inflammation
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight so as not to put stress on your joints and muscles
  • Taking medication as directed by your doctor
  • Using hot and cold packs when needed
  • Trying massage therapy
  • Trying acupuncture

Combining these tips with CBD could start to bring about fabulous results.

If you’ve been suffering through pain and discomfort due to arthritis, it’s time to stop the cycle. Try looking into CBD and how it can help to relieve your pain and give you back control of your life. Relief could be just around the corner.

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