Can CBD Gummies Help You with PMS?

Code Red! The time of the month which you wish you could fast forward or, if possible, skip.  Ladies, I know the monthly visitors are a nightmare! All those mood swings, the crankiness, the urge to tear the world apart, or the flood of tears with nostalgia – all add up into a bottle of emotional trauma. And bursting that out can never be the solution. Chocolates and snacks may be a way out, but let’s be honest, what if there’s something better?  Heard of CBD??? Gummies? These can be your solution. How? The answer’s right in front of you – so here you go!

Disclaimer: Before you get any further, we recommend consulting a doctor before getting right into CBD. The information provided in this article can never be a substitute for medical advice. For a specific concern, consider seeing a specialist.

CBD Newbie?

Coming across a lot of CBD advertisements on Google when you are surfing something else can be thought-provoking. So let us answer your curiosity. CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike the other components of the cannabis plant used for recreational activities, CBD is a non-psychoactive component used for its therapeutic properties. It has all the medicinal elements without the HIGH! It has been used for several medicinal purposes for a long time now, especially as antidepressant. To give it a try you can buy best CBD infused gummies online.

Have you ever heard of CBD gummies?

CBD is a comforting compound, but it is consumed in a pure form and can be very bitter. So manufacturers concentrate CBD chemicals into gummies to cover up the original taste without compromising on its effects. This article can help you cope up with the “hideous monstrous pain of PMS”.

Can CBD Gummies Help You with PMS?

How can CBD-infused Gummies help you out of PMS?

Now, if you are struggling with PMS, CBD gummies are all you’d need! Why? Well, here are your reasons to hop onto CBD and leave the painkillers behind. CBD can do wonders for that “hideous monstrous pain” with the solution as easy and as yummy as flavourful gummies.

1.   Anxiety relief & NO stress

Although best known for relieving pains, CBD is an excellent source for getting your anxiety levels to rest. Treating anxiety is an indirect solution to irritability and stress. The discomforts of PMS can sometimes be so bad that you might lose insight into what you do. CBD gummies can help you get out of bed, skip the ugly parts of your PMS, and not worry about the sudden prompting pains.

2.   Anti-inflammatory properties

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that naturally prevent the pain from striking you. CBD reduces the pain, but sometimes it can prevent the pain from even happening in the first place. CBD is known to hinder the enzyme that produces prostaglandin, suppressing the cramps and relieving you from the painful hours. And if you are a candy lover – CBD-infused gummies in several colors and yummy flavors are your go-to plan! CBD can help you throughout the day without being numb over that PMS back pain!

3.   Controlling Emotions

CBD has properties to calm down the nerves and help you have a peaceful time. In short, it acts as a relaxant. It helps to take your mind off all those emotions you’ve been keeping in the boilerplate. Consuming CBD gummies can help you level your feelings and give you some time to relax.

4.   Sleep peacefully

CBD has been an excellent source for insomniacs. And PMS pain can keep you awake – all night, even if you are exhausted. CBD consists of elements that help you have a peaceful, more prolonged, and healthy sleep. You need not worry about the back pains and the cramps that make you a helpless Night Owl. The CBD chemical (the pure form extracted from the stems and flowers) interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and puts you to rest. You will have to increase your regular dose of CBD for getting a night of healthy sleep. Although CBD can help you get back on the following day with activeness and energy, if you feel anything out of the ordinary, be very careful about the dosage and consider seeing a specialist.

Other options to ponder

CBD concentrate is not just infused in gummies. It is available in various products such as vape pens, tinctures, oils, lotions, pills and capsules, and many more. Each of these varieties takes a different amount of time to hit the relaxing point. But among all, we directly apply oil to the skin. It is instantly absorbed and acts on its properties. Because of the rapid relief from the oil, it is the most preferred form of CBD concentrate. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are a tasty option, although sometimes it may take a certain amount of time to kick in. By trial and error method and relieving the cramps, you can choose what suits you the best. The suggestion is to stay patient and wait for the results before getting to a conclusion yourself. Also, first-timers, it may take a few days before you feel the relaxing properties of CBD running through your veins, so stay calm.

Can CBD Gummies Help You with PMS?

CBD for PMS – Quality and Quantity

CBD has been proven safe for everyday use by the World health organization.  In addition, since the product is entirely organic, it has THC levels as low as 0.3% or less. As per the survey, daily usage of CBD for PMS is a piece of cake. You can begin with a bit of amount and gradually increase until you find your little heaven where PMS doesn’t hit you. As soon as you consume CBD gummies, it can show their impact within minutes. Be patient if it doesn’t. The influence of the chemical may vary from person to person. Just keep track of your dosage and observe the impact it produces in the beginning.

While switching to CBD as a first-timer, you need to be sure of the quality, as at this point the quality aspect cannot be avoided. Therefore, you must be aware of the best quality CBD products. The signs that you must look for while buying a CBD infused product are:

  • The CBD product should be third-party tested and approved by the US (as the US is known to grow the best quality hemp).
  • We prefer organically grown and manufactured hemp. Check the label closely for the same.
  • Be sure of the type of CBD you want: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate.
  • Check for the levels of THC present. Alongside, you ensure that there are no harmful toxins like pesticides or molds present.

To learn more about the label reading on a CBD infused product: Click Here.

Summing up

In conclusion, CBD gummies are a blessing if you are struggling with PMS. If consuming CBD does not impact you the way it should, don’t force yourself to use it; you may worsen the condition. Instead, consult a doctor in such times (especially if you are under a specific medication). CBD also has energizing properties. So, if you intend to relax, you need to know about the dosage amounts for the same.

Remember, CBD is just temporary relief. Consuming CBD products is just to get you some relaxing and pleasant time through the rough times of PMS. Hence, it is advisable not to expect a permanent cure with the consumption of CBD.

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