Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership develops Climate Code shirts with DressCode

The University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has teamed up with fashion company DressCode to develop Climate Code shirts with the aim to inspire climate action.

CISL developed the Climate Code shirt design in collaboration with Andy Boothman from DressCode Shirts and Professor Ed Hawkins from Reading University.

The new garment includes two data sets about climate change which have been printed onto its fabric.

For the fabric, researchers used the plant-based Tencel fabric. The data sets were printed digitally onto the fabric to limit the amount of water and heat used during the regular printing process.

In terms of the printed design, the stripes of the shirt fabric reflect the last 70 years of temperature records from the Arctic, detailing 800,000 years of Antarctic temperature and CO2 data.

By visualising climate trends throughout time, CISL and DressCode hope to raise awareness about climate change and inspire action.


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