Calorie in 15 most popular takeaways unpicked – and TGI favourite is 1840

Takeaways have been a real treat that have helped many of us through lockdown, giving the occasional break from the kitchen.

While we all know that they’re rarely the healthiest of meals, it can be quite shocking to discover just how many calories are hiding in your favourite dishes.

To lift the lid on just how naughty they are, the clever people at looked into Deliveroo’s 15 most delivered dishes from the past 12 months to see exactly what they contain.

They then worked out how long you would need to exercise for to burn the dishes off – and it’s not pretty.

Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips from TGI Friday were the worst offenders, with 1840 calories.

To burn them off, the average man would need to walk briskly for 343 minutes, whilst women have the harder task of 399 minutes – the equivalent of walking to the top of Scafell Pike Mountain.

Love a TGIs?

If you’re not a fan of walking, men could run for 145 minutes and women 169 minutes – which is half the London Marathon.

Up next is Crust’s Diavola Pizza, which has 1260 calories.

Men would need to cycle for 122 minutes and women 160 minutes to get rid of the calories from the delicious pizza – which would take about two hours.

It’s also bad news for Wagamama fans, as their famous Chicken Katsu Curry, which has 1076 calories, would require a LOT of exercise.

It’s a very popular choice

The average woman would have to walk for 234 minutes, whilst men would have to walk for 201 minutes – which is equivalent of 62 trips up the Eiffel Tower.

Perhaps a more fun way to burn off all those calories, you could dance for 169 minutes (or 199 if you’re a woman) for that delicious curry.

Tortilla’s grilled chicken burrito has also been popular with Deliveroo customers, but at 1,049 calories you’ll need to go for an 83 minute jog (or 97 for women) to burn it off.

But if you can’t resist a cheeseburger, Five Guys’ classic isn’t to be missed.

However, it has 980 calories which means you’ll have to work hard afterwards.

But if you want to avoid exercise all together, you could do housework for 323 minutes if you’re a woman or 277 if you’re a guy.

So, is your favourite dish worth it?


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