Call of Duty: Warzone players are abusing a new invisibility glitch to win

It’s a case of one step forward and two steps backwards for Call of Duty: Warzone exploits, with players now abusing an invisibility glitch to win.

This glitch, first reported in December 2020 but seemingly exacerbated by last week’s Warzone update, comes hot on the heels of developer Raven Software’s fix for the troublesome infinite stim glitch, which had plagued the battle royale behemoth for months.

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The invisibility glitch appears to be restricted to the Armored Royale mode, which was added to Warzone on 5th February as part of the game’s weekly playlist update.

Armored Royale mode is unique in that it gives squads of players a Cargo Truck kitted out with reinforced armour plating, a custom mobile buy station for vehicle upgrades and, crucially, a built-in turret.

The invisibility glitch that hit Warzone in December 2020 revolved around the new helicopter minigun, and it’s thought this new glitch could be part of a similar bug. Raven ended up temporarily pulling the attack helicopter from both Warzone maps as it worked on a fix.

I was contacted by a raft of frustrated Warzone players over the weekend who had run up against this invisibility glitch. In the video below, from Twitch streamer Yoda0103, one game of Armored Royale ended with nine invisible players across five teams.

Players are also reporting the issue on the Warzone subreddit:

Really Activision?! How is the invisibility glitch BACK in the game along with so many other exploits?? from r/CODWarzone

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The hope is Raven will sort this one out sooner rather than later, although pulling the Cargo Truck from Armored Royale would ruin the mode. Perhaps Raven will pull the mode entirely while it works on a fix.

This isn’t the only invisibility bug in Warzone right now. Grinch’s Forest Spirit skin currently has a bug that makes the model invisible at certain distances (only their head and gun is visible). Raven is working on sorting this one out.

Warzone is doing the business for Activision, but it’s having a relatively tough time for bugs and glitches at the moment, all the while Activision battles to turn around its reputation as a game rife with cheating.


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