Latest leak gives a potentially exciting glimpse into upcoming game modes for Warzone!

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If you’re stuck inside, you’re most likely one of the millions who have been playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Battle Royal mode has proved immensely popular and is drawing legions of fans from around the world into the action.

And now, it looks like things may get even better – with some potentially exciting fresh information from leaker, Senescallo.

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As always, leaks should always be taken with anything from a pinch to a wheelbarrow full of salt.

However, Senescallo has been on the money in the past – so let’s review what we have so far:

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Battle Royal Duos and Quads

As the name suggests, this would include teams of either 2 or 4 players. Each team will aim to be the last squad standing.

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MAKE IT A DOUBLE: Become the ultimate duo and dominate the warzone

Realism Battle Royal

Say goodbye to your HUD and surviving a shot to the head – Realism will prove an immersive experience for those wanting a more life-like challenge.

cod warzone prison location
YEAH…MAYBE WAIT UNTIL THEY’RE DONE SHOOTING: Realism mode require a more measured approach

Harcore Battle Royal

Goodbye HUD; hello increased weapon damage. Hardcore mode makes for a seriously tough experience.

With friendly fire turned on and punishable – this mode absolutely lives up to its name.

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REMEMBER WE’RE ON THE SAME SIDE: Control your reactions around your team or face a heavy consequence

As mentioned, these details are not set in stone, but this isn’t the first time rumours have been heard about different game modes – specifically duos and quads.

Keep checking back in to stay up to date with everything we hear on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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