Call of Duty launch sales fall 40% in the UK when compared to last year

It’s still the second-biggest launch of the year, though.

UK launch sales of the latest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Vanguard, are down 40 per cent when compared to the opening week of its predecessor, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As reported in the latest GSD data and spotted by our friends over at, Vanguard was still the biggest selling game of last week, not to mention the second biggest game launch of the year – only FIFA 22 enjoyed more launch sales.

However, the 40 per cent drop in launch sales is likely to be a disappointment to Blizzard Activision, even if the second world war games traditionally perform less favourably than the series’ contemporary war stories typically do.

“Vanguard, I suspect, will do well – Call of Duty does well!” Wes wrote in Eurogamer’s Call of Duty: Vanguard review. “Its in-game store will sell silly outfits for its World War 2 operators. Pricey weapon skins will keep the money rolling in. As the Call of Duty menu screen swells, adding a new front to fight on even as we head into what’s sure to be a difficult winter, Vanguard will do its bit for the war effort.

“But unlike the source material, Vanguard won’t live long in the memory.”


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