Cadbury releases Easter chocolate cottage kit complete with Mini Eggs

The completed cottage with Easter decorations (Picture: Cadbury/Getty)

A fun activity to do at home is what we all need right now.

And Cadbury has delivered with this Easter take on their popular chocolate cottage kit.

Usually released at Christmas, the kit – which contains all the sections of a little house made from chocolate – quickly sells out.

But this one includes Mini Eggs for decorations and the roof is made from the Dairy Milk spring bar, featuring tiny white chocolate bunnies.

It’s available from the Cadbury Gifts Direct for £16.

The website also includes the instructions for what to do so if you can’t get your hands on the kit, you just need to pick up two 200g bars of Dairy Milk, two 95g bars, two 100g Spring edition bars, two 14.5g of white buttons and some Mini Eggs.

The outside of the gift box (Picture: Cadbury)

In stores, the larger bars cost around £2 each, the smaller bars and Spring edition cost £1 each, a large bag of mixed buttons cost around £1.50 and cost around £1 for 80g so it might work out cheaper to put the kit together yourself.

The description on the website says: ‘A deliciously fun gift to make your own Easter Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate cottage.

‘A great novelty house-shaped gift box which includes all the chocolate components to construct your chocolate cottage.’

While some on social media said they were excited to give it a go, others commented on the price.

One said: ‘I just bought myself this.’

Another tagged a friend who made one at Christmas telling her it was ‘amazing’ and encouraging her to give it another go.

But someone else said: ‘Total waste of money, we got one for Christmas and what you get in the kit you can buy separately in supermarket for less than half the price.’

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