Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant reveals clever trick to beat jet lag on long flights

Cabin crew are experts when it comes to flying, with many travelling on long haul flights on a regular basis. It stands to reason flight attendants are well-used to making the most of tips and tricks to cope with covering such distances. Jet lag is an unpleasant side effect of long haul flights and it can affect some plane passengers quite badly.

He explained that one thing that can help is tricking your body into understanding the time zone.

Brierley advises seeing your watch (or mobile phone clock) to the time of your destination.

“I always set my watch to the time zone of my destination as soon as I get on the plane,” said Brierley.

“I find that the fewer reminders I have of the difference in time zone, the better.


“There have been times when I have been feeling great after a flight, only to look at my watch and realise that it is actually 2am according to my body clock, which inevitably leads to me realising how tired I should be, and then I feel tired.”

The Boston-based flight attendant explained he is able to trick himself into acclimatising to the time zone of his end destination if he’s in the dark about what time it is at his departure point.

American Airlines’ flight attendant, Lauren Bamonte, added that it’s worth trying to make sure you organise a flight that arrives at bedtime.

“When flying transatlantic, try to arrive at bedtime in the destination time zone so you can go straight to bed and more quickly adjust to the new time zone,” she told

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“If you need to land during the day then, no matter how tough it may be, try to stay awake until a regular time that evening so you can switch your body clock quickly.”

Another tip is to prepare your body for the impending change in time zone in advance.

“If you’re able to, try and start to adjust your body clock the week before you start your trip,” Bamonte recommend.

“Just shifting your bedtime by an hour can make all the difference and help you make the most of your holiday.”

British Airways boss Willie Walsh – a former pilot – has his own way of dealing with jet lag – although not everyone agrees with him.

He likes to enjoy red wine while flying to help him nod off.

The ex-pilot told The Sun: “A couple of glasses helps you to sleep. Red wine is the cure for everything!”

The BA boss added that a doctor once told him to drink more red wine every day and that Walsh cheekily responded by asking for a prescription for half a bottle.


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