Bungie is selling a Destiny toaster that burns the logo into your bread

Destiny toaster – this does seem to be an actual real product (pic: Bungie)

One of the most bizarre pieces of video game merchandise is now available to pre-order from Bungie: an official Destiny toaster for £75.

We really hope we haven’t fallen for an out of season April Fool here but unless it’s all some elaborate joke Bungie is selling a Destiny branded toaster on their official store.

Apparently, the idea came out of a meme spread around by the Destiny community, as they were trying to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the US during an official Bungie livestream.

The goal was to raise more than $800,000 (£579K) and after the phrase ‘Get that bread!’ became popular Bungie said that if the total reached at least $777,777.77 they would look into making an official toaster. And now they have.

For a toaster it’s pretty feature packed, as it comes with a free sandwich container and a Burnt Edges emblem that can you use in-game. Not only that but it will burn the iconic Tricorn logo into your bread.

The toaster is available on the European version of the Bungie store, but there isn’t a specific UK version, so it’ll come with a standard European Type F plug.

The price is €87.99, which works out at around £75. 10% of that price tag though will go to the hospital, which specialises in treating children and young adults.

You can pre-order now, but it won’t be delivered until between December and January. Pre-orders probably will go pretty fast, so if you want to eat Destiny logos for your breakfast you best pledge your interest now.

You won’t see that underneath all the Marmite (pic: Bungie)

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