Bumper, Kat Cunning, Wonho, And More Made The Songs We Love This Week

#WENEE, our time has come! Wonho’s debut album, Love Synonym #1: Right for Me, is finally here and hits us with a one-two sucker punch, beginning with “Open Mind.” Released in both Korean and English, it’s an unabashed, funky, and seductive banger that knows exactly what it wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it. Wonho takes us from “zero to 100” without a second to waste. Let go of all your inhibitions and tell him your desires because, as the song suggests, he’ll “bring ‘em all to life / for just one night” Whew! Well then, Wonho: Let me have a glass of water and compose myself. This is a strong opening track from a powerhouse Korean soloist, and if this is any indication, it’s just the beginning of what is sure to be a prolific, successful career. Expect the unexpected from Wonho and “keep an open mind, girl.” —Daniel Head


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