Brutal way Whitney Houston broke up with her lover Robyn Crawford with a bible

Whitney Houston’s fear of being exposed for a lesbian relationship led to an abrupt end to what could have been a beautiful romance, claims the woman who won her heart.

Former assistant Robyn Crawford, 58, was at chart-topping singer Whitney’s side as her career began in the early ’80s and worked alongside her for two decades.

The couple met while working as camp counsellors in 1980, forming a firm friendship which quickly turned sexual.

Following decades of speculation over the nature of her relationship with Whitney – who died in 2012 aged 48 – Robyn is now voicing her side of the story in a new book titled A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford first met in 1980


In extracts shared with the Daily Mail, Robyn reveals she and Whitney engaged in sexual relations when they were teenagers just before the singer signed her first record deal.

Recalling the first night they were intimate together, Robyn says: “We took off our clothes and for the first time, we touched each other. Whatever energy we had between us all that time was expressed through our bodies that night. It was free and honest. It was tender and loving.”

She continued: “It wasn’t all about our sleeping together. We could be naked. We could be bare and didn’t have to hide. We could trust each other with out secrets, and who we were. We were everything to each other.”

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Robyn claims to have enjoyed lesbian sex with Whitney – before the star abruptly ended their affair


Robyn recalls things changed when Whitney signed her first record deal with Arista records – with the singer cutting all intimacy with her, and handing her a bible as she broke the news.

“She said we couldn’t be physical any more, as it would make our journey even more difficult. She also said that she wanted children one day, and living that kind of life meant that we would go to Hell,” Robyn recounts.

She also hints Whitney feared her career would be destroyed should she come out as gay, saying: “It would make our journey even more difficult… if they found out – because her career was taking off – they’d use it against us.”

Whitney endured a high profile marriage with Bobby Brown


While the romance was over, a friendship developed with Whitney hiring Robyn to be her assistant as her career began.

The women continued to live together – causing friction between Robyn and Whitney’s family.

Emotions were said to become confused as Whitney dated men (including Eddie Murphy and Jermaine Jackson) before fatefully marrying Bobby Brown – all the while Robyn provided an emotional crutch for Whitney whenever her relationships became troubled.

Whitney Houston was found dead in a bath in Los Angeles on 11 February 2012

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Robyn quit her job after 20 years of service and had a strained friendship with the star – believing she would re-enter her life, but never got the chance after Whitney died in 2012.

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Whitney was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room on February 11 that year having drowned in a bath and with cause of death linked to cocaine abuse and heart disease.

Speaking to the Guardian of the moment Whitney ended her romance with her by handing her a bible, Robyn claims the pair then wrote the words “Love unconditional” inside the book and signed their names underneath the statement.

“I loved her, and there was nothing I felt was wrong about loving her. And she was loving me for me. I didn’t have to do anything. That’s where friendship is supposed to be. We were connected,” she said.

“We weren’t ready for everything that came with it,” she added.


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