Brow queen Anastasia Soare lets us into her bathroom and shares her need-to-know brow hacks

If you’re a true beauty buff you’ll instantly pass this beauty quiz question. Who is Anastasia Soare? Correct, she is none other than the brow queen of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and beyond, who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney in her 30 year career. She’s also CEO and founder of one of our favourite brow and beauty brands Anastasia Beverly Hills, that’s also now available at Boots. And for the record there isn’t one thing she can’t advise on when it comes to brows, whether you want hacks to achieve the laminated brows or the bushy, brushed up feral brow look, or want tips on how to grow your brows out or create the perfect suits-you brow shape.

Luckily for us she answered the brow helpline and lets us into her
home for this episode of Beauty Spy, where she shares her best brow hacks, her personal brow defining masterclass and reveals the beauty stash in her bathroom.

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Brows became Anastasia’s thing thanks to her Art teacher. “I remember my art teacher telling me, if I draw a portrait and want to change an emotion, I just change the eyebrows. I was then working as an aesthetician and nobody in Hollywood paid attention to eyebrows. There were no products for eyebrows, so I started working and developing solutions for brow problems that everyone, including myself, experienced.”

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In her eyes, every brow is unique. “The biggest brow myth I’d like to bust is that one brow fits all. I believe every eyebrow should be personalised according to your bone structure and natural eyebrow shape.” It’s the foundation of her technique and it’s based on the ‘golden ratio, and here are her golden shaping rules.

“First, find the point where your eyebrow should start and end. Place a brow pencil vertically from the bottom middle of the inside of your nostril, up to the brow and mark right there for the start. Then place the pencil from the outside corner of the nose, in line with the outer corner of the eye up to the brow, this point marks the end of the brow. Next, place the pencil from the tip of your nose, through the middle of your iris, and where this lands on the brow should be the the highest point of the arch.” If you’re keen for more bespoke brow advice she also recently launched her new brow app, that allow you to virtually try on different brow shades and recommends a shape to suit.

With her lengthy clientele list we couldn’t help wondering is there anyone left on her brow tending bucket list? “In my career, I worked with so many celebrities in Hollywood and I’ve been really lucky to have the opportunity to do that, but, of course, my dream is to do the Queen’s eyebrows. I hope one day.” Now there’s a collab we’d tune in to see.

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Scroll down to see Anastasia’s beauty stash from her favourite brow products to her hair must-haves and signatures scents.


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