Britons fork out triple their holiday cost on this – yet often it’s a complete waste

Holidays can end up with an extra £600 price tag attached for some travellers – with the cash not benefiting some travellers pumping to soak up the sun. New research has revealed the hefty hit on the credit card suffered by some travellers, which might come as quite a surprise. Perky Pair states UK females preparing to jet abroad are most particularly affected by this. The firm’s new research states British women splash up to £600 on a holiday clothes overall – yet the spending might not yield results, as less than half of garments get worn.

The findings show six per cent of the nation is spending £600 or more on a new holiday wardrobe.

This contrasts to the average spend for a vacation clocking up as £175.

Almost half of all women (49 per cent) confess to packing up to fifty outfits for a two-week break while more than half (55 per cent) admitted to not wearing much of what they packed.

Samantha Ryder, founder of Perky Pear, said: ““Our research makes for startling reading.

“We firmly believe every woman has the right to feel great about herself and hope that British holidaymakers will turn attention away from Instagram and towards what really matters on holiday; having a fantastic time and getting away from it all.”

Meanwhile, with all these extra clothes packed, a handy trick to avoid luggage costs has come to light.

Flight baggage restrictions are, quite often, the bane of a travellers’ holiday experience.

Excess charges for luggage which is over weight, or which is required to be checked in when at the airport, varies from airline to airline.

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Yet it is usually costly, eating into spending money or leaving some who have already overspent while overseas with a financial headache.

Company Pack and Send has claimed UK holidaymakers pay out nearly £400 million in excess baggage charges each year.

Mike Ryan, Chief Executive, said a handy hack to avoid this is sending your baggage home before you get there.

He referenced the amount of souvenirs they pick up and said: “Like many travellers, you may well find yourself flying home with more than you came with – it may be that you’ve bought a piece of art, an antique, or other holiday purchases, taking you over your airline’s baggage limit.

“As an alternative to paying extra airline charges to bring your prized souvenirs home, it may work out safer and more cost-effective to use an international delivery company which offers door-to-door service.

“Should you be continuing your travels before flying home, you can even arrange with a courier to store your items and ship them so that they arrive at home when you do.”

Therefore, should travellers plan ahead, it may well pay off.


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