Britons advised to 'bring car phone holder' to save hundreds on holiday – 'don't forget'

Watch out for car hire extras

The experts explained: “If you are planning to hire a car, there can be a lot of extra costs added that you might not have expected. Some airlines allow you to take a car seat and store it in the hold at no additional cost, which saves you hiring a seat abroad.

“Even hiring a GPS will cost you more, but you can save money by packing a car phone holder and downloading a map app before you arrive. Be sure to check on roaming costs if you use data to check live traffic updates,” they advised.

Taking baby stuff

If Britons are travelling with an infant, “instead of packing bulky things such as powdered baby milk or nappies in your hold luggage (adding extra weight and losing space for other things), buy them from the airport pharmacy after you’ve gone through security”.

“You can then carry it on with your hand luggage. Some stores also offer click and collect direct to the airport shop to speed things up,” budget experts at SkintDad said.


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