BRITISH Airways is failing to check seats are clean — unless it is for a VIP.

The airline gives special treatment for its Premier and Gold Guest List customers, who are considered too important to upset.

 British Airways has been failing to clean seats before flights unless it's for a high-profile passenger


British Airways has been failing to clean seats before flights unless it’s for a high-profile passengerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Their seat, which may be in any class, must be cleaned and checked under a new company edict.

But all other passengers — including those in first class — cannot be sure their seat has been cleaned because BA carries out only random checks.

The policy has outraged cabin crew, who have complained for years about cleaning standards.

One said: “Why can’t we make sure our aircraft are clean enough for all our customers?”

The policy was outlined to staff in an online forum.

Its Premier and Gold Guest List customers are frequent fliers or those responsible for booking flights for big companies.

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Even those in luxury Club Suite may not get a clean seat — staff say they are badly designed so crumbs collect under the armrest.

BA said all customers “deserve a clean seat” and its “processes always include checks”.

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