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Bridgerton fans are just realising one thing about Nicola Coughlan's hair transformation

Bridgerton fans could argue that Penelope’s long, copper locks are the true diamond of the season.

Beyond the enthralling romances and Regency Era dramas that have ensnared Netflix viewers, the costumes, hairstyles, and accessories have left us spellbound.

Queen Charlotte’s wigs have sparked a flurry of social media chatter, with Nicola Coughlan proving she can pull off any hairstyle.

In the initial two seasons of Bridgerton, we were introduced to a more reserved Penelope, portrayed by Nicola with super curly, classic redhead hair.

However, as we see the book-loving character and secret Whistledown writer come into her own, she dazzles on screen with a more contemporary, long, copper hairstyle.

Viewers were stunned to discover how the 37-year-old Irish actress, also famed for her role in Derry Girls, achieved the look. TV hair and makeup artist Jessie revealed how she and hairstylist Farida transform Nicola – who also starred in the Barbie movie – into her character.

The makeup guru, who also worked on Simone Ashley’s look for her role as Kate Sharma in the series, posted a time-lapse video of Nicola’s transformation on her TikTok page @jessie_hmua. In the footage, Nicola is seen arriving in a cream dressing gown and settling into the makeup chair.

She peruses her script as work begins on perfecting her wig, followed by makeup application to achieve her ‘soiree’ look for the show.

Fans of the show have been left stunned to discover that Nicola dons a wig for her character. Viewers had been convinced Penelope’s fiery tresses were Coughlan’s own, but in reality, she was able to maintain her blonde hair off-screen.

One fan expressed their surprise, commenting: “I never thought it was a wig.” While another admitted: “Not me thinking this was her real hair. They did a good job.”

A third praised the show’s quality, saying: “The wigs are sooo good for this show,”.

Another fan shared their astonishment, saying: “I’m shook! All this time I thought that was her natural hair. I seriously never thought Nicola had a wig on,” echoed another viewer.

Highlighting the impressive work of the hair department, one viewer remarked: “Their wig/hair staff budget must be HIGH because it looks so real on you! “.

You can stream Bridgerton on Netflix now.

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