Bridesmaid with cancer kicked out of wedding party for refusing to wear a wig

The bride had previously been supportive of her friend (Picture: Getty)

We’ve seen a fair few stories of bridezillas in our time, but this one probably takes the spot for the most horrific yet.

While limitations on what the bridesmaids can wear or style themselves are normally a little over-the-top, when the bride’s supposed best mate has just gone through cancer treatment, those demands become completely insensitive.

One woman shared her experience of this on Reddit, in a post titled ‘I think I was kicked off the bridal party for refusing to wear a wig’.

She detailed how the bride, Karen, was maid of honour at her own wedding, and invited her to be a bridesmaid around 18 months ago, with the friends both excited at the upcoming nuptials.

The bridesmaid was then diagnosed with cancer over the last year, having to undergo radiation and chemotherapy and, as a result, losing her hair.

Despite Karen being supportive and even taking her friend out for a drink to celebrate her ongoing recovery, she then seemed to change.

The poster wanted to know if they were ‘overthinking’ (Picture: Reddit)

Karen offered to take her friend wig shopping, but the bridesmaid politely declined wearing one for the wedding, as she had felt it was important not to stigmatise hair loss after cancer treatment, and had even done charity work on the topic.

From there, it all appeared to go south, with the bride calling up the friend and saying that they’d have to cut her from the wedding party due to space issues.

When asking other bridesmaids (who hadn’t been kicked out) it appeared as if the dropping may have been due to Karen not wishing to have a woman in the pictures with a bald head.

Understandably, the now ex-bridesmaid was distraught, and looking for advice on whether she should go to the wedding at all, particularly as she’s not been able to get in touch with the bride.

Commenters came to reassure the poster that she was not overthinking the situation as she had worried, with one replying: ‘You are not overthinking this. I think she is only as supportive as it doesn’t interfere with her life, otherwise she would know and understand your feeling on this.

‘I’m not sure you are as close as you think. I’d send a message that you have a good idea what she’s really thinking and that she owes you the truth. I honestly wouldn’t go if she insists on the wig or the lying…’

Another said: ‘Karen is not your friend. You’ve dealt with the toxicity of chemo, now time to deal with the toxic ‘friend”.

Our thoughts exactly.

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