Bride horrified as mum plans to wear identical dress to her bridesmaids to wedding

A BRIDE-to-be is horrified after her mum revealed she was wearing a dress to her wedding which is identical to her bridesmaids.

Usually the one rule at a wedding is don’t wear white, but it seems don’t copy the bridesmaids’ outfits is a close second.

 This is the budget-friendly dress her bridesmaids are wearing


This is the budget-friendly dress her bridesmaids are wearingCredit: Amazon
  • Roiii Women’s Elegant Formal Bridesmaid Evening Gown Sleeveless Ruched Party Cocktail Maxi Long Dress, Amazon, £27.45 ($33.98) – buy now

One woman is in shock after her mum unveiled her mother-of-the-bride dress – which is virtually the same as her wedding party.

The bride-to-be picked out a floor-length navy blue sleeveless gown, with a fitted waist, for her bridesmaids.

Keeping costs down, the thrifty bride bought the dresses from Amazon for £27 ($33.98).

But her mum decided she wanted a proper frock, and picked up an virtually identical dress from the bridesmaid section of a bespoke wedding website.

 Her mum has picked out a virtually identical dress to wear


Her mum has picked out a virtually identical dress to wearCredit: Wedding Shoppe
  • Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dress, Wedding Shoppe Inc, £144.58 ($179) – buy now

The mum forked out £145 ($179) for her dress – more than five times more than what her daughter’s spending on the actual bridesmaid dresses.

Posting her problem on Reddit, the bride-to-be wrote: “My mom just showed me the ‘mother of the bride dress’ she plans to wear to my wedding, and it is *very* clearly a bridesmaid dress.

“I wouldn’t care too much, except that my bridesmaids will be wearing a more casual off-the-rack dress as a cost-saving measure, so I’d rather my mom isn’t the only person at my wedding wearing an actual bridesmaid dress.”

Explaining some background to her mum’s decision, she added: “For my sister’s wedding, she wore a standard MOB dress and looked gorgeous, and today I asked her if she could wear either that dress again or something similar.

 The woman was unsure as to whether she was being a bridezilla


The woman was unsure as to whether she was being a bridezilla

“She responded that dress had felt like a sack, and she wants something more fitted and feminine (which is why she bought the bridesmaid dress).

“I offered to buy her another dress that is fitted and feminine (anything she wants, as long as it isn’t as obviously a bridesmaid dress) and she started to get all defensive so I dropped it.”

She feared she was turning into a bridezilla, but explained why she felt so annoyed: “She didn’t tell me she was shopping for a dress beforehand, she just mentioned she had bought her dress.

“The reason I don’t want her wearing it is that I don’t want her to look like she’s trying to be a bridesmaid.

“I am perfectly happy to have her in a short, fitted, sleeveless dress, or whatever she’s comfortable in and finds attractive.

 People have slammed the mum's fashion choice


People have slammed the mum’s fashion choice

“I offered to take her shopping or pick out a dress on amazon (I would pay for it), and that’s where things started escalating so I backed down.”

People have agreed that the bride is acting reasonable, and the mum is out of line with her outfit choice.

Commenting on the post, one person said: “When I saw the dress she chose at first I thought ‘well it’s black and long but nothing too bad’ then for s***s and giggles I looked at your bridesmaids dress.

“It’s almost the same dress. Not cool.”

Someone else wrote: “The dress she picked is literally identical to the dress for your bridesmaids.

“It sounds like she feels left out and bought the dress so she could force you to let her wear it.”

While a third said: “That dress is almost identical in style and colour to your bridesmaids dresses.”

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