Brian Reade: A vote for Farage is like putting Thatcher’s photo over your fireplace

It didn’t take long for the spotlight addicts to sniff a new way of getting their gobs into your living rooms.

No sooner was the Brexit delay announced, and vacancies to stand in the European elections for new parties realised, than a host of the usual suspects planted themselves before the cameras.

People who read out bits from papers on late-night news shows, a former I’m A Celebrity (because I’m Boris Johnson’s sister) contestant, an I Grew Up Damaged (because I’m Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister) casualty, and a woman seen in more TV car wrecks than a crash test dummy, Ann Widdecombe.

Everyone’s least-favourite right-wing banshee has teamed up with Nigel Farage, slightly too late to make the casting for the Laurel and Hardy film, but still feeding us comic lines like the reason for her joining his Brexit Party: “Britain is a laughing stock.”.

Any no-deal stockpiler who’s storing up mirrors, please send one to Widdecombe’s house, pronto.

Ann Widdecombe and Nigel Farage are two of the usual candidates


The man who has failed seven times to be elected an MP believes anger over Theresa May’s Brexit shambles will give him a resounding victory at these unwanted EU polls. And he’s making a serious play for Labour voters to join his protest bandwagon.

But every solid Labour voter needs to realise that voting for Farage is like putting a picture of Thatcher over your fireplace or placing an advert in the Satanic Times saying, ”soul for sale”.

Because he does not represent your values.

This is the ex-public schoolboy stockbroker, who bills himself as an outsider standing up for the little guy against the rich elite, yet wants to shrink the state, privatise the NHS and cut taxes for the rich to the benefit of his own class.

The hypocrite who peddled the lie that there were 26million unemployed Europeans eyeing up every British job vacancy, while giving his taxpayer-funded secretary’s job to his German wife.

The deceiver who said Brexit had left him “skint” despite at the time drawing a £90,000 MEP salary, a five-figure radio presenter’s salary and lived in a £4million house in Chelsea.

A man who says he’s not racist yet openly backed fascists including Marine Le Pen and the German neo-Nazi AfD party, an echo of his Dulwich schoolboy days when one of his teachers claimed he had “marched through a quiet Sussex village shouting Hitler Youth songs”.

The shameless propagandist who unveiled a ‘Breaking Point’ poster which showed lines of dark-skinned refugees purportedly heading to Britain, days before Jo Cox was murdered by a right-wing terrorist.

Jo Cox was brutally murdered by a far-right terrorist


The lout, whose loud, ignorant rants at our European partners in Brussels has done more to damage our reputation as a fair-minded, civilised people than decades of rampaging football hooligans.

And he is now begging people who have voted for politicians of the calibre of Barbara Castle, Michael Foot, Harold Wilson and Tony Benn to ditch their party and come to his on the grounds that a vote for him is “a vote for democracy”.

It wouldn’t be. It would be a vote for a dangerous rabble-rouser who assumes a man-of-the-people persona to exploit prejudice for his own ends.

As Russell Brand famously said: “He ain’t Arthur Daley. He’s a pound-shop Enoch Powell.”

Is that who you really want to give your precious vote to?

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