Brexiteer Hartley-Brewer savages ‘Orwellian’ People’s Parliament – ‘Anti-democratic coup!’

The broadcaster and newspaper columnist, 51, called the apparent coming together of opposition parties Labour, the Lib Dems, the Greens, Plaid Cymru and Change UK, an “Orwellian attempt by Remoaners to pretend that their audacious bid to overturn a democratic vote is anything but a blatant attempt at a political coup”. In a piece for the Daily Telegraph she said: “When did adding the word ‘People’s’ to everything start being A Thing? First we had the People’s Vote, then we had the People’s March and now, lo and behold, we have the People’s Parliament. “This is somewhat confusing. After all, who is doing all the voting that isn’t being done by, well, people? Are there national squirrel referendums we haven’t been told about?

“Are cats regularly daubing placards with EU flags and heading off to London on marches I’ve been unlucky enough to never spot? And, other than owls, who else is sitting in parliaments that we have apparently otherwise missed?

“The People’s Parliament is just the latest manifestation of this Orwellian attempt by Remoaners to pretend that their audacious bid to overturn a democratic vote is anything but a blatant attempt at a political coup.”

Her words come after a group of MPs lead by Labour’s John McDonnell in the absence of party leader Jeremy Corbyn to declare their own ‘People’s’ version of Parliament.

Of all the places they picked to declare it, they chose Church House as Mrs Hartley-Brewer elaborated.

She said: “A cross-party group of MPs, including Labour’s John McDonnell, the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, the SNP’s Ian Blackford and 160 more, yesterday trouped off to Church House, the dour Westminster building where MPs sat while bombs fell on London during the Second World War, to declare their very own Parliament.

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“When opposition leaders in banana republics attempt their coups, they usually need to win over the military and seize the state broadcasters first.

“But the Remoaners didn’t have to bother with such trifling things. After all, they already have the entire Whitehall establishment on their side, not to mention the Commons Speaker, and the BBC already appears to be marching to their anti-Brexit tune.”

She added: “Let’s be honest: not one of these Opposition MPs actually cares two hoots about Parliamentary sovereignty, which they have happily palmed off to Brussels over the last few decades without a second thought.

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“They also don’t give a damn about the niceties of the British constitution, which they were content to sweep aside in order to seize control of the legislative agenda to try to force Theresa May’s hand over her doomed Withdrawal Agreement.

“And there’s absolutely no doubt at all that the Commons Speaker John Bercow is no longer even bothering to pretend that he is the strictly neutral referee of parliamentary procedure.”

The actions of Mr Corbyn, who desperately put the group together in a bizarre attempt to become Prime Minister, were branded “perverse” by a No10 insider.

A Downing Street source lashed out at Mr Corbyn and the opposition leaders, demanding they be “honest with the British public” that they are against Britain leaving the European Union, “no matter what”.


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The source said: “We are now making progress because our European partners realise we are serious about leaving the EU on October 31 – no ifs, no buts.

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“It’s utterly perverse that Corbyn and his allies are actively seeking this sabotage of the UK’s position.

“This coalition of anti-democrats should be honest with the British public – they are against us leaving the EU no matter what.

“The Government believes politicians don’t get to choose which public votes they respect.”


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