Hundreds have gathered in George Square, central Glasgow, on a sunny but blustery afternoon, waving saltires, EU flags and handmade signs, to hear speeches from the SNP’s Keith Brown, Scottish Labour’s Paul Sweeney and Patrick Harvey from the Scottish Greens.

SNP MP for Glasgow Central Alison Thewliss told the Guardian that her inbox had been full of messages protesting the prime minister’s decision earlier this week to suspend parliament.

“I’ve heard from people I’ve never heard from before, and when I was chapping doors in the constituency this morning the message was the same. It’s an egregious democratic outrage. You can’t shut down parliament because you think it’s not going to agree with you.”

She said that MPs were galvanised to fight prorogation this coming week, with more cross party collaboration since Johnson’s move. “A lot of people didn’t believe it could happen until it actually did.”

The show this afternoon has been completely stolen by a little boy walking around with a hand written ‘Boris is a jobbie’ sign, which he has now turned into a chant.

Anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate at George Square in Glasgow

Anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate at George Square in Glasgow Photograph: Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn in George Square


Crowds have now moved on to Trafalgar Square where some demonstrators have been sat in the road blocking traffic for up to an hour.

Scotland Yards says no arrests have been made.



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