Brexit Party’s support could help Boris Johnson guarantee exit by Oct 31 for ONE reason

The Prime Minister hinted during his visit to Edinburgh he would be willing to work with Nigel Farage’s new party to hold talks with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. He told her Britain would leave on time come what may and even praised Brexit Party MEPs for helping to put pressure on the bloc to get a deal sorted before October 31 following their large presence in Brussels following the EU election results. Mr Johnson said: “They have now got 29 members of the Brexit Party in Strasbourg, not exactly full of Ode to Joy. 

“They are not going to want that situation to continue.

“There is big incentive on both sides to get this thing done, and we are going to come out, deal or no deal, on October 31.” 

And Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe West Midlands Brexit Party MEP agreed his “strong” party could help Mr Johnson despite their rivalry.

He told Express.co.uk: ”We’d do a deal with the devil to get a clean Brexit delivered.

“Let us not forget that despite all the bluster Boris voted for May’s treaty, backstop and £39billion divorce bill included. Can we trust him? The jury is out.

“The only currency Westminster deals in is votes.

“The country needs a strong Brexit Party to deliver a strong Brexit. If Tory MPs feel their seats are threatened then they will respond.

“People voted leave because they wanted to see fundamental political reform. That mission does not stop if we leave on October 31.”

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The Prime Minister said: “It has been the policy of the Government for a long time now to prepare for no deal. 

“That is what we are going to do with high hearts and growing confidence, we will prepare for a no-deal Brexit.”

Mr Farage has warned Mr Johnson the UK must leave the EU by October 31 or this could be the end of the Conservatives.

He added that the Brexit Party is the only party that can be trusted to get Brexit delivered following Theresa May’s failure to get her deal passed through Parliament and Jeremy Corbyn’s “betrayal” of the leave voters in the Labour Party.

The former UKIP leader wrote in the Telegraph: “Britain’s best chance of achieving its independence now comes from the Brexit Party.

“The electoral threat it poses is such that, if the UK does not leave the EU on 31 October, the Conservatives can rest assured they will be annihilated in any subsequent general election.”

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson’s Europe adviser David Frost has gone to Brussels this afternoon, despite claims the UK was planning to stay away from the EU until the controversial backstop is scrapped.

A government spokesman said Mr Frost was having introductory meetings with key officials to say that “the UK is leaving the EU on October 31 whatever the circumstances”.

The spokesman said: ”We will work energetically for a deal but the backstop must be abolished. If we are not able to reach an agreement then we will of course have to leave the EU without a deal.”


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