Brexit news: Theresa May must STAND STRONG – how future of Britain is on PM's shoulders

On Tuesday, March 12, or in the days before the House of Commons will meet to vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal deal. Attorney general Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay have been in Brussels negotiating the deal with the European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier. However, talks are no further forward and European Commission’s chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas stated: “No solution has been identified”. 

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has been in Brussels in recent days discussing the deal with European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier.

And France’s Europe minister Nathalie Loiseau has recommended Britain offer new proposals to end the impasse with Brussels.

Ms Loiseau warned the uncertainty which accompanies the UK’s exit from the EU is causing concern for its neighbours.

The French politician said: “Everything we are living through is unprecedented and we clearly don’t want to lecture. 

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“But the clock is really ticking and I do think it would have been better for people and businesses to live in more certainty than they are today.

“My feeling is that this is a historic moment and you have to live up to the moment.”

The Europe minister is not the only one calling on the government to reconsider negotiations tactics – and from a logisitical point of view, it seems the EU may be mroe likely to budge if the UK seemed open to compromise.

That’s the view of Tony Hughes, CEO of negotiation specialists Huthwaite International – but he added Theresa May must stand firm and hold face in front of the EU.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, he said “Mrs May and Mr Cox must remain strong” but should “reconsider their approach for negotiations”.

The negotiations expert said: “To avoid a deadlock that forces the hand, the key is for Cox, May and indeed the EU to reconsider their approach for negotiations and head back to basics. 

“This could be to reassess what both parties are looking to achieve when it comes to the backstop and what impact it will have on the island of Ireland should a mutually beneficial agreement not come into play.

“Rather than creating an opportunity for conflict, May, Cox and the wider UK team need to open more opportunities to negotiate with careful and strategic techniques.”

Despite the shortening time frame, and just days to go before the Prime Minister’s deadline for a meaningful vote – until the deal is signed negotiations remain open says Mr Hughes.

“Until the deal is signed, sealed and delivered – negotiations remain firmly on the table. 

“The most crucial time for any negotiations is when they’re close to being agreed and signed, this is when both parties will try and change the last-minute rule in their favour, hoping the looming deadline will encourage the other side to agree. 

“Mrs May and Mr Cox must remain strong, not openly defeated when it comes to the UK’s interests.

“Whether, after this weekend’s revelations from Mr Cox, it is too late to adopt that standpoint and make it work, only time will truly tell.”


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