The Prime Minister has taken the opposite approach to his predecessor Theresa May having spoken to Trump four times since taking office and once just before, when his triumph was inevitable. The pair are speaking around every 16 days, capitalising on Trump’s belief that Mr Johnson is his “friend”, according to The Daily Telegraph. However, the men have met just twice in recent years after international summits.

The departing UK ambassador to the US Sir Kim Darroch wrote in his official advice that the next Prime Minister should be talking to the US president two or three times a month, if not more.

Mr Johnson’s attempt to have regular conversations with the US President appears to be a move to make himself a part of the president’s “trusted circle of councillors”, according to sources.

Conversations between the two leaders are reportedly “really warm”.

Policies like UK-US trade and Iran are discussed but the pair appear to be building on their early rapport.

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Trump could become a valuable ally for Mr Johnson which could have benefits for the UK as it leaves the European Union.

Trump and the Prime Minister’s recent engagement has also been reflected by their cabinets as their trusted lieutenants have crossed the Atlantic to rejuvenate the “special relationship”.

Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton met with Mr Johnson and the Chancellor Sajid Javid where Mr Bolton said the US would “enthusiastically” support a no deal Brexit.

International Trade Secretary Dominic Raab even had an unscheduled meeting with Trump, something his predecessor Jeremy Hunt did not do on his first official visit.

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One UK figure who saw Mr Bolton speak in private during his trip said that Trump sees Brexit “as part of making Britain great again”.

Mr Bolton said: “The main purpose of the visit is to convey President Trump’s desire to see a successful exit from the European Union for the UK on October 31.

“Britain’s success in successfully exiting the EU is a statement about democratic rule and constitutional government that is important for Britain but for the US too.

“The fashion in the European Union when the people vote the wrong way from the way the elites want to go, is make the peasants vote again and again until they get it right.”



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