Brexit BETRAYAL: Theresa May ‘BLACKMAILED’ Tory into voting for her EU deal, claims MP

Tory MP Johnny Mercer claimed his friends were asked for “dirt” on him to coerce him into voting for the Prime Minister’s failed Brexit deal in January. During an appearance on BBC One’s Have I Got News For You, Mr Mercer claimed his old Army colleagues were approached in a bid to blackmail him, according to Metro. He added he was told the whips wanted to allegedly check his military background.

However, the MP who toured Afghanistan, claimed the deputy whip was probing for information to blackmail him.

Mr Mercer said on the show: “The deputy chief whip has decided to go and ask friends of mine that I served with in the military whether or not things in my book were correct.

“When I confronted him about it, he claimed that was his job to “kick the tyres”.

“When I spoke to my friend, he hadn’t done anything like that at all – he’d tried to get some dirt and blackmail me to vote for the Prime Minister’s deal in January.”

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Host of the comedy show David Tennant said: “So that’s why they did it – to try and force your vote?”

Mr Mercer replied: “Yeah. Nice place, politics. Why did I sign up?”

However, Mrs May’s plot to coerce the MP did not work in her favour.

Mr Mercer voted against Mrs May’s first meaningful deal on January.

Yet, he then decided to vote in favour of her deal on the second and third votes on March 12 and 29.

Mr Mercer was also asked about the possibility of the Tory party losing out on votes in the upcoming European elections.

Mr Mercer responded: “Yes, obviously, it’s a big problem.

“The Government has its number one strategic policy and fails to deliver it, people get a bit p****d off.

“I think we might see that in the election.”


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