Brexit betrayal: Iain Duncan Smith launches ferocious attack on Hammond – ‘Nonsense!’

The Brexiteer also warned about the dangers of a Jeremy Corbyn Government, if the Labour leader was to take over and lead the country. The warning from Mr Duncan Smith came after Mr Hammond said leaving the by October 31 without a Withdrawal Agreement would be a disaster. The former Chancellor warned he will do everything he can to stop a no deal Brexit.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Brexiteer Mr Duncan Smith said: “The message to those like Mr Hammond who want to block Brexit and to those who would do deals with Mr Corbyn to block Brexit is this: Leaving with no deal isn’t a betrayal of the British people, but trying to stop it is.”

Mr Duncan Smith said Remainers were talking “nonsense” when they speak about all the dangers of leaving the EU without a deal.

He said: “The only thing we know the majority of people didn’t vote for was to remain in the EU.

“The question on the ballot paper was simple: we were asked whether we wanted to leave the EU or remain in the EU.

“The attempt by Mr Hammond and others to re-interpret the referendum result is patronising and deliberately misleading.

“At the same time, Jeremy Corbyn has been busy urging other party leaders – and it appears some Conservative MPs – to support him in a vote of confidence.”

He also warned Mr Corbyn being Prime Minister would “bankrupt the country”.

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“What has been the biggest indictment of all, is the extent to which we now discover the previous Chancellor Mr Hammond, and others, absolutely and deliberately failed to deliver the unpreparedness for Brexit.

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“Now, this is terrible. This is one of the reasons why we were so supine and weak in the negotiations, I use the word negotiation advisedly, because it was more a case of ‘on bended knee’…I don’t call that a negotiation”.

Mr Hammond has penned a letter with 20 other senior Tories demanding that Mr Johnson commits to leaving the EU without a deal and compromises to get one.

The MP for Runnymede and Weybridge was the Chancellor for three years under Theresa May but left before Mr Johnson was able to sack him.

Mr Johnson has had a huge boost after Donald Trump has said there will be a “fantastic and big” US-UK trade deal which is “moving along”.


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