*BREAKING* PES 2020: Master League career mode features revealed

After months of demand, the new features have finally been revealed for PES 2020 Master League.

Konami’s version of Career Mode has a passionate cult following, and fans will be thrilled at what the reveal trailer had to offer.

Official Trailer: Master League Remastered

We already knew that you could choose Diego Maradona, Johann Cruyff and Socrates as you manager avatar, but the trailer shows you can also opt for other greats such as Romario, Ruud Gullit, Roberto Carlos, Bebeto, Lothar Matthaus and Zico.

10 other avatar models are available, and you can also choose the attire of your manager.

Cut scenes

It seems that the cut scenes is the main area of focus for Master League in PES 2020.

Ranging from press conferences to training sessions to managerial meetings to team talks, Konami have looked to create that unique experience for each Master League save.

One of the most profound cut scenes will be transfer negotiations as you deal with player agents, club managers and of course the players themselves.

Player prices have also increased in the transfer market to reflect the huge transfer fees we have seen in recent years.

Hands on in Pre-Season

The Pre-Season feature looks to be one of the most incredible, with you, the manager, able to watch your players train as they look to force their way into your starting lineup.

Add to this a pre-season tournament, and you have the perfect preparation for the new campaign.

If the performances are encouraging, you will receive recognition with the fans, increasing the club’s following on social media and your side’s reputation.

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Derby Day fiercer than ever

We all love Derby Day, and expect the heat to be cranked up when you face your biggest rivals in Master League.

The build-up to matches will be heightened, with specific cut scenes and storylines, media exchanges and motivational speeches with your players in the dressing room.

Of course, earn a victory and receive the adoration of the fans, but lose, and you’ll face the music.

It’s your Master League. It’s your legacy.

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