*BREAKING* Fortnitemares 2019: Ghoul Trooper to return to the Item Shop TONIGHT

Fortnite has released massive news ahead of tonight’s item shop just one day after the annual Fortnitemares 2019 kicked off.

The image which is posted down below contains what appears to be the same exact color and layout of Ghoul Trooper and from what we can tell it is set in the old Haunted Hills POI. With the caption Fortnite have used on this image with the label “Soon…” we can finally say that Ghoul Trooper is making a return very soon.

Whether it appears in the Fortnite item shop tonight is unknown at the moment, but it is coming back and fans are already losing their minds

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Details on Fortnitemares 2019

Storm King LTM

One of the first LTM’s we will get this season is one that many thought wa going to be a Save The World update. The Storm King LTM will pit players against a massive monster that grows stronger as the storm becomes bigger and bigger. Should you and your team defeat the Storm King you will get a unique umbrella, much like the John Wick LTM.

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Similar to the game mode that was just released with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gunfight is 2V2, created on fan-made map by user BluDrive! It will be very interesting to see how this new fast-paced LTM will play out.


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